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Ioana Vulcan

Hello! My name is Ioana Vulcan

I'm a Creative Communication Strategist with over a decade of experience in advertising.

After working with agencies and client companies, as part of teams and as a solo consultant, I've created Vulcan ID as a "best of two worlds" solution, marrying the complex services of a boutique agency, with the fluidity and speed of freelance collaboration.

At Vulcan ID you will find expert guidance to create, promote and grow your brand, in a stress-free, efficient process, from the INSIGHT found by analyzing your audience, brand, and market, to the DESIGN of the most effective and creative solutions to help your brand achieve its potential.


Brand architecture, name & logo

Branded content & designs

(web & print)

Communication strategy & creative concept

Specialized content writing & visualizations

Every solution is tailored to your needs and resources, from a one-time consulting session with me

to the delivery of a turn-key creative campaign,

with the help of my network of freelance designers.

Samples & Case Studies

Coming soon